• 2021 Leadership Lamar


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  • Leadership Lamar seeks to identify qualified candidates who wish to assume roles in leadership in our community. The “new” Leadership Lamar Program is a one day per month, over a nine-month period. The participations will have a large role in developing each program, creating their own unique experience. Each Class will drive the process to network and explore community demographic metrics, gain essential skills in conflict resolutions, values negotiation, diversity and inclusion, group dynamics and collaboration. All the while, the class will weave deliberative dialog into the process of team building and community engagement.

    The class will begin in August with an orientation and retreat, and total cost of the course is $350. Class size is limited to twenty participants. This is a nine-month leadership training program and is geared toward current and future leaders of our community.

    For more information about the Leadership Lamar Program call the chamber office at 770-358-5884.

    Nomination Forms

  • The Barnesville-Lamar County Chamber of Commerce would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support and our mission. The Mission is to Promote, Lead and Enhance the Business Community. As we are all trying to thrive in these uncertain times, we know our community has been affected by the pandemic. We have been working hard to provide relevant information to help our community move toward recovery. However, as a non-profit, we can not do all that we do alone!

     We are excited to bring you a brand-new Leadership Lamar Program for 2021. Perhaps the most effective way to train leaders is to have them lead. Thus, the proposed Leadership Lamar curriculum weaves deliberative dialog into a process of team building and community engagement as participants create their experience. Based on current rural leadership development research, they will network and explore community metrics while gaining essential skills in conflict resolution, values negotiation, diversity and inclusion, meeting effectiveness, group dynamics, and collaboration.

    Beginning with an intensive day of team building and strengths-discovery, this renovated program is designed to be modular, flexible, and evergreen. Each month, participants will investigate a different sector of the community; local experts will share data and current issues, and community leaders will be invited to share their experience.  For example, for one meeting a team may decide on the utilities focus area. The team would choose from a menu of tour options such as Piedmont Power, the water treatment facility, the wastewater treatment facility, and the solid waste authority. From a list, they would invite a local expert who would provide data and discuss current issues such as the importance of broadband access in rural communities. At the end of the class, participants reflect, engage in deliberative dialog, and plan a community project for the Great Day of Service.  

    Option 1 (once per month)

    All Day Meeting Wednesday or Friday





    Learning Segment

    Learning Segment

    Learning Segment

    Learning Segment



    Small business/farm


    Public service and non-profit




    Planning and team building

    Local expert shares data and current issues

    Tour of community sector

    Reflection, deliberative dialog, and action planning

    The meeting structures are once per month for eight months, Wednesday or Friday for a full day (8am-5pm).

    To increase the efficiency of the program and to encourage additional networking.

    We need your assistance to help with cost of the new Leadership Lamar program.  We have material cost, transportation cost, graduation expenses and food, just to name a few! Therefore, we are asking for community support to make this the best Leadership Lamar Program!  We have several sponsorship levels for you to choose from or you may donate to this wonderful program. We are also looking for nomination for the next Leadership Lamar Class kicking off in August. Please see attached the Contribution Sponsorship and a nomination form.

    Again, thank you for your support!

     Melissa Lee

    President and CEO

    Event Coordinator

    Barnesville-Lamar County Chamber of Commerce

  • Leadership Lamar Sponsorship Levels


    Platinum Level: United Bank

    $1,000 +

    Official Co-Sponsorship of Leadership Lamar Program

    1 Scholarship in your honor

    1 Participant in Leadership Lamar Class


    Gold Level: Southern Rivers Energy


    Name recognition for sponsorship

    1 Meal sponsor

    1 Participant in the Leadership Lamar Class


    Silver Level:


    Name recognition for Sponsorship

    1 Fuel expense sponsor

    1 Participants or Scholarship in Leadership Lamar Class

















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