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    Gold Package: $500/year

    A banner of dimensions 234px by 60px will be displayed on the home page of this website, located just under the “Looking for a Job?” banner. A click on this ad will bring your website up in a new window. You are not guaranteed this position all the time, but are instead sharing it randomly with all other Gold Package Advertisers.

    A small ad will be displayed, in rotation, in all of the interior pages of the website. A click on this ad will automatically go to your website. The dimensions of this ad are 125px by 125px. The home page is also in this rotation, but all advertisers will be competing for a random chance at this slot.

    Silver Package: $450/year

    Much like the Gold Package, the only difference is that the home page ad that you will qualify for is located on the left under the menu instead of at the top under the “Looking for a Job?” Banner. You will be sharing this space with all other Silver Package Advertisers. The dimensions here are also 234px by 60px. A click on this ad will bring your website up in a new window.

    Category Sponsor: $350/year [Membership Directory]

    A large wide banner ad appears at the bottom of each specific category and subcategory page in the Membership Directory. Only one Category Sponsor will be available for each specific category and all of it’s subcategories.

    Clicking on this ad (468px by 60px), will bring your website up in a new window.

    Additional Category Listing: $20 [Membership Directory]

    Each additional category will be $20.